How can I challenge one of my friends?

Under Settings, go to Friends and you a search for a friend and Add them to your Friend’s list. After you start a game and select the Level and Game, you can choose one of your Friends as the Opponent.

How does the point system work?

For each correct answer, you are awarded 1 point. At the end of the match (after both players have played), we add up your points and add a bonus based on your total score and your competitor`s ranking. That means winning against a higher ranked player allows you to win more points but winning against a lower ranked player gives you less points.

How can I report an incorrect question?

After answer a question in DocBattle, you can click on Report button to send us your comments about the question.

What kind of questions are in each Game Category?

• Clinical Daily Practice: Questions on every-day thermology, diagnosis and treatment options in the life of a cardiologist
• Heart Failure, CAD and Structural Heart Disease: Questions terminology, diagnosis and treatment options, about heart failure, coronary artery disease and structural heard disease
• Rhythm Disorders: Questions terminology, diagnosis and treatment options, about rhythm disorders
• Studies and Guidelines: Questions on studies and guidelines

What’s the difference between the Basics and Advanced questions?

The Basics level focuses on anatomy, terminology, pharmacology and basic ECGs and diagnosis questions. The Advanced level asks more diagnostic questions using echos, angios or MRI clip; as well as questions on more complex arrhythmias, important studies or other topics that may require a higher level of experience to answer.

How can I submit additional questions to the game?

To become a contributor and add a question, please visit doc-battle.com.

How can I recover my password?

Click on Login from the main DocBattle screen. Click on Reset. Enter your username and click on Send. You will receive an email with your password.